How to improve Valorant gameplay?

How to improve Valorant gameplay?

With every passing day, valor has become more and more popular. The player count of the game is growing astronomically, and because of this, there are a lot of skill issues between great players and some casual players who are trying to enjoy the game and be somewhat good at it. In this blog, I will try to fill this gap that is between causal gamers and competitive players. So, this is going to be a guide to how you can elevate your gameplay.

Get a mouse with a good sensor.

Before following anything in this blog, you should get a mouse with a good enough sensor that can track your aim precisely because cheap office mice are a big no-no in games like Valorant. They are not designed to be used in fast-paced tracking to provide precise gameplay. Get a cheap 20 to 30 bucks’ mouse, and believe me, you’ll notice a difference almost immediately.

Practice your aim and crosshair placement:

The first thing that you want to do to get better at anything is to practice it a lot. The same thing goes with valor. You should practice your aim with adequate sensitivity so you can get the most consistent aim in your actual rank games. But with good crosshair placement, you’ll have a lot more time to headshot the enemies and be one step ahead of them. Now for the part about how you can practice your aim and crosshair placement. You can easily train your aim in Valorant’s fire range by doing multiple exercises, or you can also use aim labs for aim training. Now for crosshair placement, you need to play shorter modes of the game, like death matches and spike rush, and try to place your crosshair where the potential enemies could be while peeking angles or just waiting for an enemy to come out because his head is not going to be at the ground where your aim is currently. Unfortunately, Valorant doesn’t support any custom maps that are designed for this type of thing.

Play with a team:

Undeniably valorant is a team game, and the story of how bad a solo queue is for a beginner is as old as competitive gaming itself. So, finding teammates who also want to push themselves and be better at the game It doesn’t matter if they are good or not yet, because eventually, if you all play together, you’ll be good. Now, to find these teammates, you could join Discord communities of Valorants, or you could go old school and join a Facebook group of Valorant’s and get your players from there; the possibilities are endless.

Valorant boosting:

Getting valorant boosting is another way to get a better rank in the game. Boosting is a service where you can pay someone to play on your account on your behalf and boost your rank according to your wishes. This seems to be an awesome service but let me tell you that this is not allowed by Riot. While you can get banned if you get caught doing this, the chances are very low of you getting banned for being boosted.

Pick a role according to your playstyle:

Earlier in this blog, I explained that valor is a team game, and in valor, every team member has different responsibilities. So, pick a role that can complement your skills and playstyle. If you are an aggressive player, Reyna or Jett should be your choice. If all you care about is winning, then pick something like Sage or Skye. This way, you can have a whole lot of control over the team because you’ll be their sole healer. I can’t explain every playstyle and its agents, but it is easier to do it by yourself.


Movement is another big factor in valor. A good movement will allow you to land more shots on the enemy. Good movement allows you to stop just in time to make the shots land while you seem to be still in motion. For practice, you could load up the fire range and try to follow this method. strafe, stop, and shoot with bots Try to set a target of 40 to 50 bots per session before hopping into a deathmatch or a rank match, and you’ll see the results in no time.

Turn down video settings:

Do this even when you have a really good rig because the more frames, the less input lag there will be. Most pros use 720p resolution or even less to maximize the frame rate and minimize the input lag as much as possible. Turn everything low apart from antialiasing settings because if you turn them off, you’ll see a lot of jagged edges on the corners of the textures, so I’ll advise against it.

Rewatch your gameplay:

This is something that will help you immensely because when you are playing the game, you’ll make a lot of mistakes that, at first-hand sight, you will not notice because of the heat at the moment, but by rewatching your games, you’ll get a third-person view of the gameplay, and mistakes will be a lot easier to find and can get fixed. The other thing you can do to improve your gameplay is to watch pros and implement their gameplay tactics.