And now for something completely different…

Welcome to Newark’s hottest new real ale and craft beer pub, bringing you the largest selection of cask ales and bottled craft beers for miles around! Tony Yale has been running successful pubs in Newark for the last six years, and so along with his business partner Andy Muirhead decided it was about time he did it for himself.

The result of this special partnership is something quite magnificent. The Flying Circus brings together themes of flying aces, circuses and uniquely magical British comedy in to one amazing array of decor from years gone by.

But let’s not forget about why people love British pubs. The beers, ciders, wines and the food. The Flying Circus brings to Newark a delightful selection of exciting craft beers, currently enjoying a boom across the country and indeed the world.

At The Flying Circus, you’ll be challenged with beer you may not have seen or tasted before. Here, there are no major corporate lager giants, and wherever possible we have used handcrafted small batch breweries. There is also a wide selection of bottled beers from around the world, including an extensive wine list for wine lovers.